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An intricate body organ used for urination, gender, and reproduction

An intricate body organ used for urination, gender, and reproduction

The penis is an elaborate additional organ in males always pee as well as gender and you can breeding. They consists of numerous pieces, including the shaft, head, and foreskin.

This informative article makes reference to new structure and purpose of the penis, also problems that make a difference the big event otherwise physical appearance of one’s penis during the beginning otherwise later on in life.


The penis is located at leading of your own human body at the base of the hips. The latest scrotum, that has the newest testicles, lays nearby the penis.

  • Glans: The fresh new glans , or head of your own penis, is the delicate structure at the end of this new corpus (shaft).
  • Urethra: The fresh urethra try a tube inside manhood one runs away from the brand new bladder for the direct of your dick. It is useful urination. It also crosses from the prostate gland, in which an opening, called the ejaculatory duct, receives spunk and water that define sperm.
  • Meatus: The meatus is the starting within idea of glans through which pee or semen exits one’s body.
  • Prepuce: New prepuce , otherwise foreskin, was a free flex away from facial skin that covers your head out-of the penis. Removing the latest foreskin is called circumcision.
  • Corpus cavernosa: The brand new corpus cavernosa are a couple of columns from spongy tissues that are running across the indoor axle of one’s dick. When full of blood, the frameworks stiffen, causing an erection.
  • Corpus spongiosum: The fresh corpus spongiosum is the 3rd column of muscle one to suppress brand new urethra away from closing through the a hardon.

Your penis is actually well supplied by blood vessels. The shaft, which has the new urethra and you can around three articles off erectile cells, try covered with a band regarding connective muscle known as fascia and covered with skin. The base of the penis was supported by connective tissues, titled suspensory ligaments, one hold the dick around the pelvic limbs.

There’s an extensive variation when you look at the manhood proportions, as well as the average mellow (« soft ») amount of a knob is 3.5 in. The typical period of an erect knob was six in, which have the common width of five inches.


The primary features of your own dick was urinary and you may intimate. New intimate reason for the penis can be defined as several stages: hard-on and you will ejaculation.


Urination ‘s the release of urine throughout the looks. This happens whenever pee tickets on kidney through the urethra toward meatus. The new pee was pressed from the muscles from the contraction of your detrusor muscle about wall structure of the kidney.

Between your cock and also the bladder is the external sphincter muscle mass, that is managed to hang inside the otherwise release pee.


An erection ‘s the stiffening of your own penis for the reason that intimate pleasure and you can/or actual pleasure. It can be normal to possess erections to happen while sleeping and upon waking. An erection is when there can be a greater blood circulation with the corpus cavernosa and corpus spongiosum.

Through the a hardon, arteries supplying the erectile architecture tend to dilate (widen), inducing the manhood to help you engorge (fill) with blood. The engorgement compresses the fresh new veins whereby bloodstream usually exits the fresh penis. That it « traps » the bloodstream and assists experience brand new erection.


Ejaculation ‘s the discharge of semen regarding human body. It’s always accompanied by a sexual effect named an orgasm.

  • Basic, a tube known as vas deferens deals, propelling jizz throughout the testicles towards the ejaculatory duct.
  • Meanwhile, the new prostate gland and you can seminal vesicles bargain, including fluids that define the number of semen.
  • Meanwhile, fast contraction off system on the bottom of the dick, named periurethral muscles, move sperm from the penis.

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